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Thursday, 10 February 2011
underground force
Mood:  loud
Now Playing: trick-da-dream music


whats up fans? hey listen i need your help. thier our thousands of rappers and hip-hop artist out thier. i cant find them by myself. so if you know some which i am probably sure you do hit me up on myspace,follow on twitter.  but now it is time to introduce my fans to a group Blak Boy - White Boi  thier "single bout that hustle"

Dolla Billz
Record Label
Talk Game Ent.
Blak Boy White Boi
Yall made us #1 on the Reverbnation Charts!!!
Blak Boy - White Boi is a group that was started in the spring of 2010. The group consist of four artist: Absalute, Dolla Billz, Mo Vicious, and Trill. They are gearing up to release a series of mix tapes this fall and winter.
Neutral (It)
Current Location
Savannah, GA
General Manager
Calvin Sanders
Band Interests
Collaborating with artist in and around Savannah.
Website   and one other single you most definitely need to check out is"what you sayin" is my picks for the playlist dont get me wrong all of thier tunes are a must listen this is a hard working group they deserve alot of attention.see yall next time!!!!!!

Posted by unit-face at 9:29 PM EST
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Monday, 10 May 2010
passing something
Mood:  don't ask
Now Playing: trick-da-dream
Topic: my hood adventures

hello friends you know me . so please excuse my grammar, spelling, etc.

     i love making money. who does'nt? one thing i will not do again is sell drugs or anything illegal. i want my son to know that yes his father has made mistakes in the past, but there is a better way without jeapordizing your future. that is why i created UNIT-FACE AVERTISING and TRICK-DA-DREAM MUSIC.

     i also have a regular job where i sell and rent vacation properties. one night while at work i decided to go across the street to the convenient store to get something to drink. i walked out the door and seen a fellow lets call him bill for now. bill is the type of guy who is down on his luck, works odd jobs and if you have not guessed by now is an addict. now i am the type of guy who will talk to anyone, and if i can give any help if i can.

   bill was going in the same direction i was headed, so we were walking and talking. the cops pulled up and i walked in the store. this is st.petersburg police or st.petes finest!!! the police walked into the store and waited for me to check out. as i walked out of the store the cop approached me. you see bill is known to buy crack so the cop thought i must have sold him some. he said he seen me pas him something. i did pass something guess what it was.


good cheer and some positive words.  yours truly the blog king and to you stupid ass cops.    karma is a motherfucker  cheers



the blog king

Posted by unit-face at 4:04 PM EDT
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Thursday, 12 March 2009
an ex con's ballad
Mood:  irritated
Now Playing: ralph mobley of tampeterota

     what the fuck is a blog? if this is it let me begin.

-----note---- once again i will not apologize for my grammar, punctuation, and spelling you see i was never an english major or nor have i taken classes for journalism.       --------end note------

    jobs are hard to find these days. you read about big companies laying off 100's and 1000's of workers all over the country. it will get worse before it gets better. so obama get on your job. tighten up!!

 no need for me to sugarcoat anything, but i have a police record, sell of crack cocaine. i went to jail one day and i learned my lesson. i will not try this again. you see i do cherish my freedom.

  i do have a job that i am proud of but i was rejected from many employment opportunities because of my record.

  my crime was not a violent crime!!!!! all i wanted to do is make big money is there anything wrong with wanting money no.

  i have a friend who recently applied for 2 jobs. one such job was standard data processing. the second job was tyrone square mall. and as you may have guessed he was denied employment because of his record.

  now by the way standard data processing is a telemarketing firm that sells magazine subscriptions throughout the country. now i wonder how many ex-offenders they solicit to and provide there services.

  same with our mega shopping comglamerate tyrone square mall. how many excons do you believe shop there.

  now as a friend pointed out i understand thier fear or skepticism the (businesses).

  but you are not afraid to take our money for your products or services.

  we will be boycotting u soon at a city near u. we are coming full force.

   karma is a muthafucker aint it.  u need ex-cons too.   your new blog king ralph mobley. see ya!!!!!!!!

Posted by unit-face at 10:29 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 23 June 2009 12:36 PM EDT
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Thursday, 5 March 2009
robbed at the convenience store
Mood:  on fire
Now Playing: author ralph mobley of tampeterota
Topic: my hood adventures


first and foremost what is a fucking blog??

if this is a blog then let me begin. i will not apologize for my grammar punctuation, spelling and writing style. furthermore i do not condone strong arm robbery!!!@ but this peice of work i put together is interesting. so just check this shit out.    end of note


usually on a cold nite in st.petersburg, most brothers i know usually like to bundle up, to stay warm when they outside.

     i usually dress as casually as possible for comfort. normally i am wearing baggy pants,some type of sweat shirt over a tee shirt, and a leather jacket. i usually have on a cap one size larger, because i wear a du-rag or a stocking cap for extra thermal protection for my head.

   by now if you are smart enough you would have figured out that i am an african american male. and after years of hip-hop conditioning(20+), i have the perfect posture and atitude of this culture.

   so naturally if i go into a store after 10:00 pm to get some type of munchies, last minute beer,etc. the clerk will have me stereotyped as soon as i walk in.

   on this particular nite i walked into a convenience store located at 10th ave north and 9th street. there was a police cruiser parked in the paint and body shop parking lot across 10th ave. and another policeman parked on the north side of the store.

   st.pete, ah hell, all of the tampa bay area, has been hit by a string of convenience store robberies, and some have been violent and fatal.

   my mission this nite was to go into the store and grab a cup of cappucino. as i walked into the store. i approaced the dispenser i noticed the prices above the machine. $1.29 for a small cup, $1.49 for a medium, and $1.69 for a large. i decided on the medium.

   i took my hot mixture up to the counter and the clerk told me the price would be $1.79. what?! a $1.79! but i am purchasing a medium. the clerk said that also included the tax. huh?

   i walked away from the counter, pointing up at the prices and said that the medium price is a $1.49!! he must have thought i was stupid or just trying to get over. he changed the price to $1.59. ????????

   i think he attempted to rob me. how many times did he get away with this today and every other day?? who is robbing who? karma is a mother fucker         aint it?!!!!

               your new blog king     ralph mobley


Posted by unit-face at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 June 2009 12:37 PM EDT
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